How to Provide Excellent Customer Service

A customer service representative

For years, you have heard the statement, “The customer is always right.” Is it true though?

Say, a customer comes to your store and returns an item he bought a month ago, claiming that it is defective. Of course, most sellers provide a return or exchange policy within 7 to 10 days upon purchase date – but not after a month.

The customer rambles on, demanding that the item is changed. Unable to handle the situation, a store staff exclaims that he cannot do what the customer wants and the situation gets aggravated leading to unwanted escalation. In the end, the employee gets sanctioned for being unable to handle the customer’s needs.

How are you different?

Several products and services in various business industries – telecommunications, transportation, food, and pharmaceutics, among others – are almost the same nowadays. So at this point, the only thing that will differentiate your company from other firms is the type of customer service you offer.

Customer service at its finest

With this in mind, store management training programs may play a vital role in the success of your business. These programs will educate your staff about the high level of service they should provide all customers. Your employees will learn about the best ways to handle every situation, no matter how unpleasant or unfavorable it is to them.

You can be different

Yes, there are instances when some things are not within your control, e.g., when your customers become unreasonable. But there are still other things that you can be completely in control of, which is how you act towards the person and how you feel about the situation.

Are customers always right? No, definitely not. But all customers must always be treated right.