How Much Should You Pay for the Installation of a Residential Awning?

the front view of a house

The average price of a residential awning installation costs around $2,400, but the actual cost may depend on different factors, including the type of materials used and your location.

If you live in Massachusetts, the price of hiring an awning company, such as Dorchester Awning Co, may be more or less expensive than in other states. However, you may expect to spend between $1,200 and $3,600 for this project.

Types of Awnings​

Homeowners should consider installing a canvas awning if they don’t live in a place that experiences inclement weather conditions. The fabric is the best choice for hanging above windows and smaller patios. It costs at least $300. If you like a cheaper option, an aluminum or metal awning only costs at least $250, but options for customization are limited, unlike canvas awnings.

The cheapest option is a portable awning, which may cost as low as $100 but it won’t likely provide any significant value to your home. These are only used for the short term. Mechanical or motorized retractable awnings are a better choice if you want a longer-lasting awning. These are ideal for places with harsh weather.

Installation Expenses​

Depending on your chosen material and part of the house, the usual installation cost for residential awnings may reach up to $450. If the professional charges per square foot, then prices normally range between $6 and $9.

Simple installation work only lasts for an hour, but complicated systems such as retractable ones may require as much as five hours of labor. Ask your local government for any building permits that you may need to secure prior to the installation project.

How much are you willing to spend on adding a residential awning? When choosing a professional installer, go for a company with decades of experience and an extensive knowledge of different types of materials.