Employee Background Checks, How Far Can You Go?

Criminal background check with a pen and glasses

Most employers, such as yourself, do background checks on every employee. You know that this can offer you essential information, but there is a chance that you will also violate your employee’s privacy rights. This usually happens if you don’t conduct it based on the state and federal laws.

Background checks have time limits, which will depend on the rules set by the federal government. Both employers and employees should understand their responsibilities and rights in this area before proceeding to have the VIC police check online.

In-house vs Outsourcing

The majority of small and medium-sized companies utilise outside business, known as consumer reporting agencies, to conduct background checks. Research about the particular regulations in your area for they might have arranged national standards on time limits for any background checks conducted by such businesses. You also have to double check if this law applies to employers that do their background checks in-house.


Time limits are usually not applicable to minors. For instance, they cannot report juvenile criminal convictions. Other than that, credit bureaus commonly do not maintain files on minors. This is also because minors are not allowed to legally provide permission to a contract, so any consent a minor provides the employer is not valid.

Criminal Convictions

Some regulations exempt criminal convictions on time limits. They allow the report of any criminal conviction any time without any time limits. Although, there are areas that still abide by the seven-year rule. This means that they do not allow reporting of a conviction if it is more than seven years after hearing, parole or disposition.

You know how important background checks are for your business, but you also have to think about your employees in the process. Know more limits to avoid any conflicts and violations with your employees and potential ones.