Diamond Jewelry: The Proper Care for Continued Sparkle

diamond ring

Other than being the hardest mineral known to mankind, a diamond is among the minerals that sparkle the most. The sparkle that your diamond jewelry will possess depends on the type of diamond you choose.

But, that is not all, how you treat your diamond jewelry affects its appearance. Whenever diamond touches cosmetics or oil from your skin, the sparkle in the special mineral reduces. A trusted diamond jewelry store in Nassau County shares some pointers you need to follow.

Some of the things you can do to ensure that your jewelry sparkles all the time include:

Keeping the Jewelry Clean

The way you clean your diamond jewelry will determine whether it stays looking new for long or not. Avoid cleaning your jewelry using harsh chemicals, such as bleach. Instead, clean it using washing up liquid in hot water and scrub using a soft toothbrush.

Ultra-sonic Deep Cleaning

Regular cleaning will keep your jewelry in good shape. However, you should consider doing ultra-sonic deep cleaning after a few months. This gets rid of stubborn grime and maintains your jewelry’s sparkle. Ultra-sonic cleaning with an expert takes a few minutes and is worth every dime.

Replating the Metal of Your Jewelry

Jewelry needs maintenance to look sharp all the time. As such, it is advisable to service your jewelry after a year. This could include replating the metal in your jewelry. Replating uses a metal that is hard, reflective, and that doesn’t tarnish.

Whether it is a ring, necklace, bracelet, or any other diamond jewelry piece, you need to treat it right to maintain its sparkle. Having beautiful jewelry takes effort. But your effort will pay off and you can rock your jewelry boldly regardless of its age.