A Guide for Profit-Minded Businesses: The Mobile Marketing Approaches to Adopt

Man pointing on the mobile marketing information

Millennials check their mobile phones 150 times in a day. Meanwhile, the average individual, no matter what their age is, spends five hours a day on their phones. This information is particularly beneficial for e-commerce and product review sites for they can take advantage of this using advertising on SMS.

To succeed in their particular industry, they would have to employ smart tactics, such as the ones below:

SMS Marketing

Mobile text marketing is the centre of several misunderstandings, but marketing is necessary with 91 percent of millennials texting weekly. Most corporations like Toys ‘R’ Us, Coca-Cola and Walmart, have already incorporated SMS marketing into their strategies.

One of Domino’s franchises in the US employed this tactic during a college sports game. They asked the viewers to message a particular number to be able to claim a free or discounted pizza, which garnered massive responses.

They observed that this was a better approach compared to showcasing their website address on ads. When they did this, the majority of fans did not even bother to jot down the URL during the game.

Location-Based Marketing

Throughout this era of location-based marketing, businesses should send their consumers notification updates. They can alert them whenever they pass by areas where they would need their services or products.

Foursquare just launched Foursquare Analytics that will provide marketers and businesses access to location technology and intelligence for over 90 million geofenced areas across the globe.

They even incorporated Uber into their system to allow users to determine possible places to go to and directions to get there. Inside the Foursquare City Guide, they can even fetch a ride without needing to switch from one application to another.

In the age of “the mobile moment,” you can duplicate these approaches for your business. These tactics can provide your company with the chance to retain, attract and grow consumers, as well as, increase exposure.