4 Ways To Minimise Crime in the Workplace

Criminal background check with glasses and pen

Crime in the workplace is a threat that most business owners constantly battle. To boost the chances of succeeding in business, you need to keep your staff, customers and property safe from malicious people, who may come from inside or outside your organisation.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

Screen candidates carefully

Many cases of physical and verbal abuse reported every year are caused by workers with a history of violence. Before you hire anyone, check their criminal record from the relevant agency in NSW. Fast Police Checks reminds business owners to avoid hiring anyone involved in workplace violence or any other fraudulent activity, no matter how skilled they are.

Develop a crime-free culture

Discuss with your staff the importance of integrity in the workplace. Put in place a zero-tolerance policy against any form of crime, and take a quick action every time an incident is reported to you.

Encourage open communication

Often, victims of harassment prefer being silent; they think that speaking up could make things worse. Create a culture that allows each member of your organisation to speak out whenever there are cases of violence, abuse, corruption or any other crimes. An open communication nurtures relationships among the staff, the management, and the clients; therefore reducing the chances of crime.

Invest in a security system

Most of the time, CCTV cameras are all you need to discourage villains from carrying out their malicious activities in your place of business. Few people are willing to commit a crime if they know they are being observed. You could also hire security guards to handle any cases of crime in your workplace.

Whilst you can never guarantee that your workplace is entirely crime free, you can do many simple things to protect your staff and your clients. Fortunately, most of the solutions are affordable and can be implemented easily.