4 Ways to Add More Floor Space to Your Warehouse

Stairs with one sided handrail

Have you been finding yourself rejecting some clients just because you don’t have enough space for more inventory in your warehouse? Has it been a challenge to make your storage work efficiently enough to keep your operation successful? Most warehouse owners find it difficult to maximise the space they have.

Experts from adexgroup.com.au believe that adding a mezzanine floor is an easy and inexpensive way to add some extra floor space to your existing building. There are other smart and creative ways to use the current space you have to work to your advantage. Here’s a look at how you can apply it in your warehouse today.

1. Mix up your storage options

If you only use pallet racking across your entire warehouse, you may be wasting a good amount of space from that alone. Depending on the type of inventory, you can have pallet racking in one area, multi-tier racking in another, and mobile shelving in another.

2. Use your vertical space

Look up your racks and shelving and check how much space you’re not using between the last frame and the ceiling. If there’s still enough space to add another level, why not do so?

3. Narrow your aisles

This can significantly increase the space you can use to extend your pallets without using much of your warehouse’s floor space. Also, there’s equipment you can use to help you get through narrow aisles. Just make sure to check the safety measures if you decide to do this.

4. Utilise the space over your aisles

This space is never really used, and there are ways to attach storage frames from the ceiling down. Make sure to consult with a professional when installing this kind of storage.

Always review and re-assess your whole operations before making any changes. Make sure to know how it will affect the different departments in your warehouse and that it’ll work for everyone’s good. Once you come up with the right plan to maximise the efficiency of your floor space, you won’t have to reject any of your clients’ requests anymore.