3 Golden Rules Startups Should Follow to Ensure Effective Meetings

group of people having a meeting

Meetings are a crucial part of the business operations, even more so for startups. It is in strategic meetings that the best ideas come out, issues are addressed, and the team bonds.

All of these determine the startup’s success. But not every meeting is strategic. In fact, most people just come out of conference rooms tired, feeling unmotivated.

To avoid this, remember these three golden rules of effective meetings:

Find a place conducive to productivity

Where you hold your meeting dictates how productive your session will be. Science has stated that physical space influences the way people work. So, pay attention to your meeting room. If you’re like most startups that don’t have an office yet, try shared meeting areas. Rent a conference room that Miami co-working spaces offer.

With this option, you get to save money, take advantage of technologies, be more time-conscious, and provide a space more conducive for productivity.

Establish the agenda

Of course, this is essential, but the fact is most meetings don’t have a clear-cut purpose and direction. Don’t just set meetings for the sake of holding meetings. Set agenda and these should be clear. The employees must understand why you gathered them and what the expectations are from them. This helps condition their minds to take meetings seriously and participate actively. What’s more, the agenda will guide your discussions better, reducing talks on unimportant matters.

Start and end on time

Time, just like money, is most valuable for startups. Time wasted on meetings means time lost in doing and finishing individual work. Furthermore, starting on time signifies discipline and respect. So, as much as possible, encourage your employees to be on time.

Similarly, ending on time is crucial. Having a fixed end time makes you more conscious of where the discussion is headed to and if it would help you hit your agenda. When wrapping up the meeting, remember the one thing you should come up with: action plan.

Meetings shouldn’t be dull and dragging. Remember these timeless principles in keeping your meetings strategic and effective.