3 Frequent Sandblasting Mistakes You Should Stop Making

Sandblasting performed by a professional

At the hands of someone experienced, a sandblaster is an incredibly effective tool. But when handled wrongly and for the wrong purposes, this equipment can cause damage to property or even serious injury to people. If you are planning to use a sandblaster, make sure you avoid these three common mistakes, according to sandblasting services specialists.

Ignoring Safety Precautions

Abrasive particles flying through the air have the ability to take paint off a surface. Imagine what those articles can do to a person’s skin. Before you start using a sandblaster, cover all exposed skin just to be on the safe side. Invest in a coverall, which you can easily find at a local paint supplier. Wear leather gloves too, and make sure you have goggles to protect your eyes.

Choosing the Wrong Particles

A wide range of particles can be used during sandblasting. Only professionals have access to certain types of particles. Each kind of particles is ideal for a different type of work. Ordinary sand is the most widely used for sandblasting jobs. Make sure there aren’t small rocks in the sand as they might cause extensive damage to the surface you are blasting. Other particles used include glass beads and baking soda.

Using a Blaster of the Wrong Size

While you may not have too many options when it comes to buying sandblasters unless you are a professional, it’s still a great idea to choose the right size. If you use a blaster that’s too small for the job, you’ll find that you have to start and stop numerous times, which ends up wasting your time. A medium sized sandblaster is a much better option if you are looking to finish projects faster.

Sandblasting is an efficient way to clean surfaces quickly. By avoiding certain common mistakes, you can stay safe and finish your projects successfully. But, of course, you may always opt to hire the services of a sandblasting expert to help you with the task.